Marijuana Lifer Craig Frazier: Ready for Clemency!

Craig Frazier is serving de-facto life for marijuana.

Craig Frazier serving de-facto life for marijuana, was granted clemency

Ever since he was granted clemency a couple of weeks ago, Marijuana Lifer Craig Frazier has maintained regular contact with Marijuana Lifer Project director Cheri Sicard.

Frazier says sleep is out of the questions, he’s just too excited.  As much as possible he is keeping to a regular schedule.  He even returned to his prison job, not because he needs to, but because he says it helps keep him grounded.

Frazier is taking care to be proactive in setting up his new life. He is determined to stay out of trouble and to keep negative influences out of his life.  He has expressed a strong feeling of responsibility to those left behind, and says he can never allow himself to get into trouble again.  Frazier is well aware that if a clemency recipient reoffends it could hurt others’ chances at clemency, and he is determined both for himself and for them, to make something of the second chance he has been given.

Clemency Letter from President Obama and Help from Stanford School of Law

Frazier sent a copy of his actual clemency letter, hand signed by President Barack Obama (see below).  This was a meaningful gesture to Frazier, and seeing the President’s signature, along with his name in print on the clemency list, made the reality of the news truly sink in.

Frazier also sent us a copy of a letter he received from a new program at Stanford University School of Law.  The program has taken a lot of the re-entry stress away, as Stanford volunteers have permission from the Bureau of Prisons to actually pick up clemency recipients and fly with them to their place of release (Montana in Craig Frazier’s case).  They also help the prisoners get set up in their new life at the halfway house or with family.  Especially for inmates who have been incarcerated for a decade or more, this kind of assistance is invaluable. Craig Frazier is extremely grateful for the help.

As of today, Craig Frazier is still waiting on his release date, but says he is not in a hurry.  He knows it is coming soon and that is good enough for him right now, as he prepares himself for his imminent freedom.

Craig Frazier's Clemency letter, hand signed by President Barack Obama

Stanford University Clemency Recipient Letter for Craig Frazier



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  1. I am so happy he is getting out. If only everyone cared for others as much as the admin of this website does.