De-Facto Marijuana Lifer Moe Foley Wins Sentence Reduction!


Moe Foley is serving a de-facto life sentence for marijanaIncarcerated since 2003 on a de-facto life sentence of 27 1/2 years, Maurice “Moe” Foley won a reduction in sentence this week.

The judge reduced Moe’s sentence to 180 months. He has already served 188 months, so he’ll be transferring to a Pennsylvania state prison to serve time on an old parole violation.  If all goes according to plan, Moe will be a free man in 3 to 11 months.

Moe called MLP founder Cheri Sicard soon after getting the news.  He said the judge in his hearing was amazing.  In fact he plans to order court transcripts of the hearing that gave him his freedom for a keepsake and in order to reread the transcripts over and over again.

Moe plans to return home to take care of his elderly father.  Congratulations Moe and much success and happiness in your future.


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