Our Mission – Marijuana Lifer Project: Ending Life Sentences for Marijuana


Marijuana Lifer ProjectThe Marijuana Lifer Project is a California nonprofit corporation (501c3 pending).

Mission Statement: Marijuana Lifer Project: Ending Life Sentences for Marijuana

The Marijuana Lifer Project’s mission is to insure that all those serving life sentences for marijuana, whether Life Without Parole (LWOP) or de-facto life, are released, as well as to bring awareness to this issue so that practice stops happening. (That’s right, not only do we have people serving Life Sentences for marijuana who have been incarcerated for decades, we still have new Marijuana Lifers entering the system, as recently as 2016.)

We will accomplish our goals through community and media outreach, and engaging elected officials and other high profile individuals who can join our cause to support these efforts. We will also monitor legislation that affects criminal sentencing and educate the public as to its impact, along with how they can help.

We also work to provide financial, moral, and where possible legal and clemency support to the prisoners themselves, those paying the steepest price in the war on weed.  They are an amazing and often talented group of men and we invite you to get to know them by browsing the Meet the Prisoners section of this website.

Vision Statement: Marijuana Lifer Project: Ending Life Sentences for Marijuana 

Our vision is to become unnecessary. This is a nonprofit with an achievable exit strategy:

  • See that those federal inmates currently incarcerated for Life Without Parole or De-Facto Life* are released.
  • Engage the public and the media to demand change on this issue so that nobody will be ever be sentenced to life for a nonviolent marijuana offense again.