Feb 2016 Update from Marijuana Lifer Paul Free to His Supporters

Paul Free, serving Life for Marijuana, with Easter eggs he made in prison.

Paul Free, serving Life for Marijuana

Paul Free, serving a Life Sentence for Marijuana, wrote today with a long overdue update to his family, friends, and supporters.

From the window in my second-tier cell I can see over the wall. In an orchard about 1/4 mile away there are almond trees in bloom. Spring is coming. I apologize for not writing sooner.

As an excuse (when there are none) I submit that I have been quite busy the past few months writing a lengthy petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as a Petition for Clemency to the President, a Petition for Compassionate Release to the Bureau of Prisons, and a half-dozen other motions to the courts for myself and others.  Also, I had a nasty bout with pneumonia which I beat thanks to the help of a dozen or so men who each donated a capsule or two of Amoxicillin.

So, here we are. Neither myself, nor Cheri Sicard (my friend, advocate, and Marijuana Lifer Project founder), nor my friend Rex, have heard back from Kathleen Zellner, the attorney who informed each of us that she would take my case if we sent her $3,000.  She just disappeared. Thankfully without the money we raised. So, we still have it all and we are still looking. Most attorneys want to charge $200 to $800 dollars per hour to read all the documents filed in the case. My case is over 20 years old and there are over 30,000 pages. Hopefully we will find an attorney who would be satisfied just reading what has been filed in the last few years.

Not to worry. I am qualified for appointment of counsel (free of charge) once I get the case reopened in the court. The Clemency and Compassionate release Petitions do not require an attorney and I think I have done a pretty good job writing them myself.

We are just doing the best we can with what we have. I would be lost without Cheri and, I cannot express how grateful I am to her and all other advocates who pitch in and do what you do.


Paul Free


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