How YOU Can Help Michael Pelletier – Life Without Parole for Pot


Paraplegic Michael Pelletier is serving Life for MarijuanaMost Important! Clemency Support!

Michael Pelletier, serving Life Without Parole for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense, most needs help in the form of Clemency Petition Support Letters.  Taking the time to write a letter in support of a prisoner’s clemency is one of the most important things you can do to help them, even though it won’t cost you much time or money. Why? Because each support letter is logged and recorded, and this makes a difference when it comes time for the pardon attorney to decide which petitions to support. Also, the more a given prisoner’s name comes up in front of the pardon attorney and their staff, the more they are likely to notice them. Keep in mind the pardon attorney’s office sifts through tens of thousands of clemency petitions, so the more often we can keep bring the prisoner in front of pardon attorney staff (within reason) the better.

The following links will help you write a letter. (Trust us, it’s easy!  You CAN do this!)  We even have a sample letter you can just change the words on, sign, and send, OR you can even copy it as is if you like.  The most important thing is to get those letters for Michael in as soon as possible!  Thank you!

Michael Pelletier is Serving Life for Marijuana

Michael Pelletier is Serving Life for Marijuana

Write to Marijuana Lifer Michael Pelletier

Michael Pelletier loves to get cards and letters from supporters. Write to him here:

Michael Pelletier #11109-036
FCI Terre Haute
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

General Bureau of Prison Rules About Sending Mail to Inmates:

  • Only ink and paper are allowed, in other words, no tape, staples, stickers, glue, glitter, doo dads, etc.  While the prisoners would no doubt LOVE the handmade cards your kids make, they sadly would be returned by the prison. Handmade cards are OK, as long as they consist of only a drawing on paper.  Same with commercial cards, bypass anything fancy and stick to cards that are just images on paper.
  • Yes you may send photos.  Prisoners look at the same drab walls and people every day.  Likewise they love getting photos.  You can send up to 25 pages per envelope (photos and paper).  As long as there is no nudity and no illegal activity depicted, everything else is OK.  Send photos of yourself, your family, your pets, your vacation, pretty scenery.  Anything!
  • You can talk about most anything in your letters, except illegal activity.  If you are a cannabis activist, as many followers of this site are, it is perfectly OK to talk about that, just not anything illegal.
  • You can send up to 25 pages per envelope.
  • Books and magazines can be sent BUT they must come from a commercial bookseller, such as Amazon.  Sadly we are no longer allowed to send books and magazines from home.

Click here for more information about sending mail to the Marijuana Lifers.

Add Money to a Prisoner’s Commissary Account

Click here for information about adding money to federal prisoners’ commissary accounts and why this is so important.


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