Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda is Serving Life for Marijuana

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda is serving Life for Marijuana

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda is serving Life for Marijuana

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda 81659-071
Offense: Conspiracy to Sell Marijuana
Sentence: Life Without Parole
Incarcerated Since: 1993
Birthday: 9-30-1938
Family: Wife, children, grandchildren.

May 2016 Update on Leopoldo:
Leopoldo is currently in a prison medical facility in extremely poor health.  He can use cards and letters of support (he only speaks Spanish but he has a caregiver, Mr. Ramos, who is happy to translate).  He can also use commissary funds of anyone has a few dollars to put on his accounts (follow this link for details).

About Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda and His Case: Life for Marijuana

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda came to the United States in 1980, fleeing his native Cuba. With his fourth grade education and limited English, Leopoldo struggled but worked hard to have relationships, family, and to take care of himself and those he loved.

In 1993, Leopoldo was living with his wife in Miami and working as a painter for Atilano Dominquez.  For his labor, Leopoldo was paid $50 a day, plus lunch. Unbeknown to him, Leopoldo’s employer had made arrangements to purchase 3,100 pounds of marijuana, not knowing it was a sting operation and undercover DEA agents were the suppliers.

Leopoldo, following his boss’s orders, was instructed to watch the shipment in a “safe house.” The DEA showed up and all of a sudden this 54-year-old, practically illiterate, Cuban fisherman was arrested and indicted as part of the conspiracy. In1993, he was sentenced to life without parole in federal prison, he has been there ever since. Leopoldo is old and gravely ill. We hope the President will show compassion and send this man back to his family where he belongs.

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  1. We live in a pretty sick government. I am very glad things are changing. Prayfully you will get out soon Obama has been releasing people. God be with you.

    • Last we heard, which was about a month ago, Leopolodo was still in the hospital. He desperately wants to go home and spend his last days with his family, but sadly he has not been on any of the recent clemency lists.