Anthony DeJohn is Serving Life for Marijuana

Anthony DeJohn is serving life for marijuana.

Anthony DeJohn is serving life for marijuana.

Anthony DeJohn #10232-052
Offense:  conspiracy to distribute and possession to distribute more than 1000 kilograms of marijuana; possession of firearms
Sentence: life plus 10 years
Incarcerated Since: 2005
Priors: marijuana conspiracy (2000); possession of mushrooms (1998)
Forfeitures: Too many to list, my family was left with nothing!
How many people in your case are now free? Approximately 32
How many people from your case are still incarcerated? Only me.
Family: Wife, son, daughter, grandchild, parents, sister, brother
DOB: 3-16-74

About Anthony DeJohn and His Case

Anthony DeJohn had a rough childhood, but he says things improved for him after he moved in with his grandmother at the age of 14. She provided him a more stable environment, which allowed him to graduate high school and find gainful employment.

Young Anthony was not afraid of work and started bagging groceries and recovering shopping carts for a local market at the age of 14. He also worked for a local construction company from the time he was a young teen until age 29, developing extensive experience in construction excavation along the way.

Anthony lead a normal life, got married, and started a family. He is one of the lucky prisoners whose family has stood by throughout this ordeal, and are still standing by him today.

Like most of the marijuana lifers, Anthony DeJohn’s conviction was based solely on the testimony of others who were trying to avoid prison time. Aside from that, there was no actual evidence in his case and he was not caught with so much as a seed, let alone any actual marijuana.

Anthony says an acquaintance who worked for a large operation was short on product. Anthony, a small time operator, provided a single sale of 20 pounds of marijuana to the man. Anthony said he had no idea the size and scope of the entire operation, nor did he inquire.

Anthony DeJohn was one of the last people arrested in the case. Based solely on the testimony of a man who was apparently working with the federal government and who was trying to avoid prison time himself, Anthony was accused of being the large organization’s “alternate supplier ” and a leader in the group’s large scale marijuana smuggling operation. Hard to understand how that could be as he only knew two people of the 32 co-conspirators in the case.

Like several marijuana lifers, Anthony’s case also involved weapons charges, and like many such cases, the weapons had no actual role in the crime. Nonetheless they did add to the severity of the sentence.

The guns belonged to Anthony’s mother in law, were stored in her room, and were legally permitted. When she and Anthony’s wife offered to testify to this fact, they were told that if they did, they too could be added to the conspiracy and each could serve as much as 10 years. Fearing for his family, who would already be losing its patriarch if he went to prison, Anthony told them not to testify, that it was not worth “messing with these people.” Sadly, “these people” refers to US government employees.

The testimony of a government informant, someone also selling marijuana and trying to avoid prison time, coupled with a couple of nonviolent priors and his mother in law’s guns, culminated in a sentence of life plus ten years for Anthony DeJohn. Nobody was killed or even hurt. Anthony DeJohn admits he sold about 20 pounds of marijuana. He has already served over 11 years and unless he receives Presidential clemency, he will never see freedom again.

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