Our Sponsors – Marijuana Lifer Project: Ending Life Sentences for Marijuana


We could not do the work we we do without help from volunteers and financial help from donations and sponsors.  Huge thanks from the Marijuana Lifer Project AND the prisoners it helps to out angels!

Magnolia Wellness Collective, Sponsor, Marijuana Lifer ProjectMagnolia Wellness Collective, Oakland, CA  The fine folks at Magnolia stepped up to help before we were barely even an official organization (they already knew of Cheri and her work).  In fact, we rushed to get our bank account as they had collected donations on behalf of our prisoners, not that we are complaining!  We greatly appreciate the support!  They also sent Valentine’s Day greetings to all our guys and are coordinating ongoing clemency support letter gathering as well.

graphic designer Amber E. SenterAmber Senter — The Marijuana Lifer Project logo was designed and donated by Amber Senter, a talented bay area artist and branding consultant.


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