Marijuana Lifer Project — What Are Donations Used For?

Marijuana Lifer Project Director Cheri Sicard

Marijuana Lifer Project Director Cheri Sicard

(The Marijuana Lifer Project is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation, as such all donations ARE tax-deductible!)

As an independent, self sufficient sort of person, I have never been good at asking people for money. This is likely why it took me over 3 years to actually start this non-profit organization. Even though I had been doing advocacy for the marijuana lifers all along, I had been paying for everything myself. Along the way I added many new prisoners and have more still to add to our roster of those serving Life or De-Facto Life for marijuana. Sadly I am not wealthy enough to do all that on my own, AND I see a big need to step up the advocacy, as far too many marijuana lifers remain behind bars while other drug offenders and sometimes even violent criminals receive clemency.

So I DO NEED to ask for money, BUT I think it only fair to let you know what we will do with the money that gets the Marijuana Lifer Project.

First and foremost, nobody is getting paid, nobody gets a salary, we are 100% volunteer.  We are a California nonprofit corporation, our 501C3 designation is pending.

So where do/will the donations go? Here’s what we are currently doing and/or have planned that needs financing:

  • Printing, copying, and mailing are continuing ongoing expenses for both clemency support, and communications with the prisoners on a variety of issues.
  • Printing is also needed for educational materials and handouts for the media, elected officials, and the public at large.
  • Prisoner commissary funds for birthdays, holidays and emergency needs.
  • Released Prisoner Fund is for those who are granted clemency to help them get financially back on their feet.
  • T-shirts – we want to produce Marijuana Lifer Project t-shirts as soon as possible.  Selling the shirts, and/or using them as a donation incentive, will not only help us raise funds, the shirts themselves serve as mini-walking billboards that spread awareness every time someone wears one.
  • Billboards — Our biggest long-term goal is a billboard campaign. The Marijuana Lifers are the dirty little secret of the justice department. It’s hard for the public to get outraged over an issue when they are not even aware of it. We feel the billboard, debuting in Washington, DC, would generate significant press, in addition to the massive public exposure the billboards themselves bring.

These are just a few of things we have planned for the immediate future of the Marijuana Lifer Project, but first we need some financial stability. For more information you can also check out our Mission Statement and Vision Statement.  Please help! Whether it is a small personal donation, or a monthly commitment from a corporate sponsor, everything helps. We’ll even send you a receipt for a tax deduction once our 501C3 designation comes through!

A marijuana offense should NEVER equal a life sentence! Thank you for considering making a donation now!

Cheri Sicard
Director, Marijuana Lifer Project


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