Crag Cesal, Serving Life for Pot, on Life at USP Terre Haute

First time offender Craig Cesal is serving Life Without Parole for marijuana.

First time offender Craig Cesal is serving Life for pot.

Craig Cesal, serving life for pot, on what it’s like at USP Terre Haute.

This place, old, decrepit, no ventilation, broken windows everywhere, cramped, and all that, is actually good for the inmate environment.   Anywhere else, since I’ve only been here for six months, I’d be a newcomer and would still be settling in. Here, I’m settled in as well as I was at Greenville after several years.

I think its because the prison is so awful, it drives the inmates closer together. Also, having been imprisoned since 2002, I know the ropes, and I knew people here that vouched for me.

Every time I walk down the corridor, or across the yard, people call my  name to say hello, or to just kid with me. That is the best comfort a prisoner can have. And, it goes a long way to assure my safety.

Again, it instills comfort in an uncomfortable place. I have it about as good as it gets in a really awful federal prison.


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