Marijuana Lifer Paul Free: Supreme Court Petition DENIED

Marijuana Lifer Paul Free

Marijuana Lifer Paul Free

Paul Free recently sent us this message and asked us to post.  Of course he is disappointed, one more disappointment in over two decades of pursuing justice.

The following is an exact copy of the latest petition I filed in the U.S. Supreme Court. It was DENIED “without review” so that the lower court decision, which also refused to look at my evidence, remained in effect. PLEASE take a minute to read it, if not all just the first eight pages, and tell me:

Do you think the courts made a mistake?

Do you think there is “justice for all” here in America or are all the small numbers of decisions which grant new trials only token handouts to make themselves appear just, while they deny the majority of meritorious issues for the same reason?

Lastly, what can and should be done?

Paul Free”

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  1. The court clearly refused to acknowledge evidence of factual innocence. It shows there is something incredibly wrong with our judges and the justice system, especially when it comes to cannabis.

    • Thev whole system is wrong. Bless you Paul-prayers for you. I have no money but can do this. Peace, brother. Victim of our awful system.

  2. In the beginning our justice system was based on the Hole Truth and Nothing but the Truth but throughout our judicial system evil has creeped in and Paul along with many others fight for their lives with only being able to show half truth or no truth at all. I believe this evil is based on big money from PRISONS FOR PROFIT wanting only to have the $30,000 per year per inmate to line the pockets of greedy evil men and woman that only care about their selfish wants and to hide the real crimes that they perform behind closed doors and secret meetings. I believe that if you audit Judges, the DEA, and all law enforcement agencies you can follow a money trail that proves this. As a man of God! I believe that our country was once based on Christianity and that this injustice will not go unpunished! We only need to open our eyes and get back to In justice for all and One Nation Under God! I personally know Paul Free and he is a good man and has paid his dept to society in every way possible. Its time for those that believe in the truth to step up to the plate and honor God and Country. Reverend Brad Schluter.

  3. Sorry to hear your Petition for Cert. was denied. Realistically pot offenders stand little to no chance in the courts, especially the Supreme CT. I saw more cases denied than most lawyers in my thirty yrs in federal prison. Now is the time to drop futile appeals and petition Obama for sentence commutation or clemency. For the first time in forever, we have a President willing and anxious to undo much of the damage of the drug war. When I was in federal prison it would have been a total waste of time and a lot of money to petition the President, it’s a different story now. I look forward to meeting you on the outside. Good luck!

  4. Why would the court refuse to acknowledge evidence of factual innocence? This man should be free now. This is infuriating and heartbreaking at the same time. End the injustice and free Paul Free!

  5. Debby Goldsberry on

    Keeping people in prison for non-violent marijuana “crimes” is the crime. The cost to society is too high. Paul Free has served well beyond what should have been given him to begin with, and given the widespread support for ending marijuana prohibition, he would never be sentenced like this today.

    I support Paul Free’s efforts to secure clemency. The government needs to review this decision, and make it right.

  6. How can justice be served when the authorities won’t even look at the evidence? What is being done to Paul Free is the heinous crime in itself which unfortunately no one will be found guilty of; Paul sits another day in a cell for something I can walk into a store and buy locally speaks volumes to the misguided justice in Paul’s case. Paul is being punished for a crime that shouldn’t be a crime, its like being convicted of aiding and abetting slaves in early American history. The only thing Paul is guilty of is having common sense and knowing that marijuana is not the drug the DEA wants us to believe it is. Each day Paul sits in prison, each day a person sits in jail and loses out on life, America loses. America is suppose to be the land of the free, the home of the brave, but it only seems they have created a new slave.

  7. Deborah Norton on

    This man has be robbed of his life because of a plant that is entirely safe as well as healing. How can the courts not see this? We are an embarrassment as a country. Land of the free? Really? Please don’t let this man lose one more day of his precious life over a plant.

  8. I really find it hard to believe that the courts have enough time to convict a person on the basis of a law that is based on the false premise that cannabis is a harmful drug with no medical value but refuse to find the time to review evidence from one so incarcerated that suggests that he is being held unfairly. It is time that our “justice” system become a system of justice and not just another bureaucracy where Kafkaesque processes and unimaginable consequences happen daily in service of some bureaucrat’s petty fiefdom. Paul Free’s case holds special ironic significance for me because of his connection to my hometown of Huntington Beach where a close relative has w wonderful Butcher Shop while Paul’s rights are butchered by the American justice system. I’m glad to see we are moving away from the atrocities of past sentencing injustices now its time to apply those same standards to those already excessively imprisoned. Free Paul Free!

  9. I am astonished!! How can the court ignore evidence and refuse to see the injustness of Paul’s incarceration? This another example of government corruption and willful negligence.

  10. deedee kirkwood on

    Paul Free sits another day in his cell with a LIFE SENTENCE for a non-violent marijuana crime he can clearly prove he did not commit. Now after 21 years the court refuses to acknowledge evidence of factual innocence, denied “without review”. When I tell people outside the pot community about Paul Free’s circumstance, they don’t believe me. I can understand why they don’t believe me because it’s UN-BELIEVABLE. If the general public only knew what a human rights atrocity was taking place right under their very noses, there would be OUTRAGE. But somehow our shameful government has been able to keep this atroscity of locking up human beings for a miracle plant a big secret. “If you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth.”

  11. I am outraged! The courts didn’t even consider Paul’s request. What has happened to our judicial system? How can a man serve LIFE in prison for a plant???? While a rapist or a murderer can spend as little as 6 months to 1 year in prison … Our Judicial system is a total failure. The court has not even looked at the evidence in this case or they would have plainly seen that he is innocent.

    I do believe that we should have prisons for very serious crimes such as rape, murder, attempted murder, ect. the lesser crimes should be dealt with but I do not believe prison is the answer for the lesser crimes.

    The cost of keeping people in prison for 10, 20, 30, 40 years for a non violent crime is wasting the tax payers money.

  12. Paul Free deserves to spend the rest of his days as a free man. The punishment for his victimless “crime” is cruel, heartless, and unjust. I am ashamed that my country’s criminal justice system has failed Paul so profoundly.

  13. This is just too much. free Free Paul Free — He has suffered far more than most offenders. He has been a model of patience and concerned assistance for others. It’s ludicrous that he was not on the very first list for exit.

  14. This is a terrible injustice. No man should be doing time, especially life, for cannabis. We cannot.look the other way when rich white business men sell weed in Colorado and Washington and have people like Paul in jail for life for much less. It is unacceptable and we the people demand the release of Paul and all other being held for draconian sentences for a safe, effective and enjoyable plant. End the madness now.