Marijuana Lifer Weldon Angelos Free!

MLP Director with Weldon Angelos after his recent release.

MLP Director Cheri Sicard met with Weldon Angelos after his recent release.

Marijuana Lifer Weldon Angelos Free and Reunited With Family!

Weldon Angelos, who was serving a de-facto life sentence of 55 years for 3 small marijuana sales, is now home with his family.  Angelos called Marijuana Lifer Project Director  Cheri Sicard shortly before 4:30 on Friday to give her the good news and thank her for all the support.

Angelos stressed that, although President Obama granted 42 clemencies today, his was NOT one of them. Rather the justice department granted his “immediate release,” based upon legal petitions he had filed for a reduction in sentence.  The government simply offered no objections.

At the time he of the call Weldon was in the middle of getting reunited with his children after being incarcerated since 2003.  Though Cheri and Weldon have corresponded extensively via both email and snail mail over the last 3 years or so, they had previously never spoken on the phone.  When Sicard inquired who was on the line Angelos laughed, “Don’t you recognize my voice?”

Weldon Angelos is Now Free

Weldon Angelos is Now Free

The two had a great conversation.  He thanked Cheri for her support and that of all the Marijuana Lifer Project volunteers and supporters everywhere who have been writing letters and signing petitions on his behalf and supporting his release.

Weldon said that now retired judge Paul Cassel, who was forced into giving Angelos the draconian sentence of 55 years for 3 small marijuana sales, along with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), and officials at the White House were all instrumental in his gaining his freedom.

We at the Marijuana Lifer Project are thankful for Weldon Angelos’ release.  We hope it can be a sign of real hope for other nonviolent marijuana prisoners serving egregiously long sentences in federal prison.

Weldon Angelos Free Weldon Angleos in younger days with sister Lisa and son

Weldon Angleos in younger days with sister Lisa and son.

At the time of his incarceration, Weldon Angelos was 23 years old, a young father, and an up and coming music producer and artist. He would have been 78 years old before he was eligible for parole, but thankfully this marijuana lifer now has a chance at a life again.


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