Way Quoe Long – Clemency Support Letter Example



Robert Zauzmer, Pardon Attorney
145 N Street NE, Room 5E 508
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Zauzmer,

I am writing to ask that you you consider granting clemency to federal prisoner Way Quoe Long (#00047111). Incarcerated since 1998, Mr. Long was sentenced to 50 years for a marijuana conspiracy offense.

Mr. Long’s only prior offense was a 1989 DUI offense. Mr. Long has twin sons who need their father and an extended family who love and miss him and want to see him return home.

Way Long has many skills that would help him find employment. He has continued to better himself while being in prison, completing over 14 educational classes and programs. He continues to play and write music, something that was always his passion. If he is granted clemency, Way Long has plans to open a small manufacturing business with his brother, who has stood by him and supported him throughout his incarceration.

Please show Way Quoe Long mercy and allow him to return to live the remainder of his life as a free man. Fifty years for a marijuana offense is far too long, especially when we regularly see violent criminals with multiple priors spend far less time behind bars.

Thank you,

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