RIP Eugene Fischer, Former Marijuana Lifer

Former marijuana lifer Eugene Albert Fischer with MLP Director Cheri Sicard in Los Angeles, 2016

Former marijuana lifer Eugene Fischer with MLP Director Cheri Sicard in Los Angeles, 2016

We received the sad news this morning that former marijuana lifer Eugene Fischer passed away last night in Florida at the age of 76.

Eugene Fischer served 25 years of a life without parole sentence for a nonviolent marijuana offense. During all that time he never gave up on regaining his freedom, and his endless quest resulted not only in his release, but also the release of his friend and co-defendant Randy Lanier, who was also serving life without parole for marijuana.  Sadly he only lived just shy of four years after his release.

At the time of his death Eugene Fischer was in need of a kidney transplant, but despite long term serious health issues he immediately went to work upon his release from prison.

Fischer was haunted by all the marijuana lifers left behind in federal prison, many who had become personal friends over the decades of incarceration. He was driven to do everything in his power to see that they too were released from this cruel and unusual punishment.

A lifelong civil rights activist, not even prison could stop Eugene from pursuing his convictions. He even founded and served as the leader of USP Coleman’s NAACP chapter. More recently, Fischer co-hosted a weekly radio show, Voices of War, with Pacific Northwest activists Kristin Flor and Mindi Griffiths, focusing on the cannabis incarceration issue.

Marijuana Lifer Project director Cheri Sicard met with Fischer last month in Los Angeles in order to collaborate and strategize new actions to help the cause. At the time he was in reasonably good health but was especially worried about his friend Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda, currently incarcerated in FMC Butner, a prison hospital. Fischer was determined to help his friend gain a compassionate release, but sadly his own health took a turn for the worse shortly thereafter.

The world is a slightly colder place today for the loss of this hero. RIP Eugene Albert Fischer.

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  1. I just got ten years probation for six ounces of leaves I was juicing to try to get off the 120 mg of methadone I’ve been taking the last 16 years I’ve been disabled for a rebuilt spine containing 16 pieces of titanium and cadaver vertebrae replacing my destroyed disc’s from my shoulders to my tailbone. I was kicked out of my apartment, banned from Putnam county GA, and spent a years disability pay on fines and lawyers. And if I fail a urine test in the next decade for weed I’ll get the ten years they wanted me to get. Being I’m very disabled and these pills are quickly destroying my 50 year old body, all this for just leaves seems very stupid. I know cannabis has prevented me from getting cancer which has taken everyone on both sides of my family. And 19 of the 20 pigs arresting me said what they were doing was wrong, but they did it anyway. Wish I had money to help these guys. Do they just charge men with life? Seems strange there are no women. But prisons make 40k a year someone is jailed for this. Would be alot better if these pigs went after people who actually have a victim. Instead of calling these nonviolent crimes, I prefer they are called victimless crimes, which they are.