Update on James Tranmer, Letters Needed Now!


An Appeal from Judith Tranmer, wife of James Tranmer, Serving De-facto Life for Marijuana

James Tranmer, serving de-facto Life for marijuana, with his wife Judith Kay.

James Tranmer, serving de-facto Life for marijuana, with his wife Judith Kay.

We just received this email from James Tranmer’s wife Judith, and wanted to reach our to our supporters for help with her letter campaign to the President and the Pardon attorney.

James Tranmer is a senior citizen serving a de-facto life sentence for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy case.  James Tranmer’s case is one of religious persecution.  This article will show you how to write an effective clemency support letter.  It’s easy, takes just a few minutes, only costs a postage stamp, and can make a HUGE difference to a  marijuana lifer fighting for his freedom.  Please take a moment and write a letter today.

Judith Tranmer writes:

“Love to family and friends, Wanted to give you latest development with Jim. First of all his treatments are going well and he feels good.Brian and Amy just went to visit this past weekend, which was great! Brian said he just received a letter and he was Denied Clemency ( very disappointing), but he can file an appeal. So anyone who wants to send another letter or send the one you sent before, we are sending them to new Pardon Attorney and to President Obama.

Here are addresses to send James Tranmer’s support letters

Robert A. Zauzmer, The Office Of Pardon Attorney
45 N. St. N.E. Room 5E. 508
Washington, D.C. 20530

President Barack Obama
Attn: Neil Eggleston , White House Counsel
US Department Of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave N.W. Washington D.C.

If you want to pass this on to anyone who might want to write a letter. We want to bombard them with letters, he needs to come home.

Thanks so much,



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